ProCharta has introduced first of its kind product for application in pulp & water processing during delignification and bleaching stage. These proprietary probiotic formulations come in the form of an array of readily biodegradable products meant for diverse stages of bleaching.

Proklean Technologies has developed an unique, first-in-the-world proprietary technology under the ProCharta umbrella for paper industry. ProCharta formulations use a combination of naturally occurring Probiotic microbes, certain organic ingredients and a proprietary fermentation & formulation process to produce the final products.

  • Formulation is a consortium of bio-chemicals
  • Non-toxic and readily bio-degradable
  • Not an enzyme-based product
  • Can be stored at ambient temperatures
  • One-year shelf life
  • No change required in process conditions
  • Can be applied at a broad pH and temperature range
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Yield Enhancer For Pulp Mills

First of its kind non-foaming, surfactant based Yield Enhancer that is readily bio-degradable and non-toxic.

Unique properties of ProYield are:

  • Anthraquinone free
  • Improves Yield
  • Reduces Active Alkali
  • Cuts down odour from Mercaptans by 60%


Better Profits: Enhances yield and reduces requirements of Cooking Chemicals resulting in improved bottom line

Better Quality: Allows liquor to dissolve lignin and other extractives to achieve lower Kappa Number without degradation of fiber and thereby improves Yield

Better Environment: Reduction of Mercaptan gases by 60 % helps in creating a better environment

Lower Maintenance Cost: Lower levels of Mercaptan gases translates into reduced corrosion thereby saving on maintenance.


ProYield is dosed at 1 to 1.5 Kg per tonne of wood chips. Active alkali may be reduced by 5 to 8 Kgs per tonne.

ProCharta ProEnviro is developed specifically for the paper industry to control / eliminate odour from the cooking operation by neutralising mercaptans, sulphides and thereby enhance significantly the environment and hygiene in and around a pulp mill.

Odour Control: Reduces Mercaptan gases. It cuts down odour generated at cooking stage drastically

Health: Health hazards posed by exposure to mercaptans / sulphides are cut down as emission of these malodorous gases is reduced by 60 %

Costs: ProEnviro can reduce/ replace the Cooking Aid as it has all the properties of a Cooking Aid and further, Active Alkali usage can be reduced by upto 0.5 %
resulting in cost savings


Better Environment: Reduction of mercaptans by 50 %, helps in creating a better environment

Lower Maintenance Cost: Lower levels of sulphide gases translates into reduced corrosion thereby saving on maintenance.

Better Quality: Allows liquor to dissolve lignin and other extractives to achieve lower Kappa Number without degradation of fiber and thereby improves Yield


Odour Controller For Pulp Mills


Delignification & Bleaching Enhancer

ProWhite is a powerful metal chelator with a surfactant property to enhance dilignification and bleaching.

It optimizes the use of Chlorine Di-oxide, Caustic, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hypo etc., resulting in reduced requirement of these chemicals even while improving delignification and enhancing whiteness/brightness. Unique properties of ProWhite are:

  • Aids in optimising the use of bleaching auxiliaries and Alkali due to its powerful ability to inhibit transition metal ions
  • Reduces consumption of Hard Chemicals:
    • Reduces caustic requirement by 2 Kg per tonne at ODL stage
    • Do stage – Reduces Caustic and Hydrogen Peroxide dosage by 1 Kg each


Lower Operating Costs: Reduced use of auxiliaries’ results in lowering operating cost per tonne

Improved Mechanical Properties: Viscosity, Tear Strength etc., are seen to be enhanced

Reduced Effluent Load: Parameters such as COD, AOX, SOR etc., are seen to be lower by 10 to 12%


At ODL Stage: 150 to 250 gms of ProWhite per tonne of pulp while reducing Caustic by 2 Kgs per tonne

At D0 Stage: 700 gms of ProWhite per tonne while reducing Chlorine Dioxide by 2-3 Kg per tonne

ProBleach is a formulation with powerful metal chelating property that inhibits transition metal ions from degrading oxidative bleaching chemicals used in DI stage with in-built surfactant property for better brightness

The resultant biochemicals have high antioxidant ability and powerful metal chelating property that aids in inhibiting the adverse effects of these metal ions thus controlling the transition metal ions that consume bleaching chemicals used in DI. ProBleach inherently possesses characteristics to boost performance of Deinking chemicals and it also prevents scaling in separation equipment used in Deinking plant. Unique properties of ProBleach are:

  • Can be used in all white grades of paper and board manufacturing
  • Compatible with all chemicals and enzymes
  • Suitable for all types of furnishes used in Deinking
  • Enhances efficiency of reductive bleaching chemicals while reduced use of the same without impacting the quality


Lower Operating Costs:

  • Inhibits Transition metal ions and reduces dosage of bleaching chemicals
  • Possesses surfactant characteristics that helps to reduce surface tension between fibre and ink particles due to which it aids in reducing dosage of DI chemicals.

Better Quality: Inherent surfactant characteristic maintains brightness with relatively less dosage of H2O2 Reduces Scaling: Inherent anti-scaling property helps in minimising scaling in separation screens.


Typical dosage recommended is 250 – 350 gms/ton of pulp while reducing H2O2 and Stabiliser anywhere between 20 -35%.


Bleaching Booster for Recycle Paper


Bleaching Enhancer For Reductive Bleaching

ProRB is a powerful anti-oxidant with high metal chelating property to inhibit iron from impairing the function of Hydrosulphite while the anti-oxidants enhance the reduction efficiency.


  • Reduces Bleaching Chemicals: Helps reduce dosage of reduction bleaching chemicals such as Hydrosulphite by 30 to 40 %
  • Reduced Pollution Load: Lower dosage of bleaching chemicals aids in reduction of effluent parameters such as BOD, COD
  • Enhances profitability
  • Reduces scaling
  • Suitable for all type of bleaching chemicals


ProRB is applied at the rate of 300 to 500 gms per tonne of waste paper depending on the type of process